Sunday, April 13, 2014

Note from Mom: I can't resisting adding a funny excerpt from Connor's companion's blog. As many of you know, thanks to Connor's handicapped sister, Kelsi, we live on a constant stream of Pixar, Disney, Sesame Street, and Harry Potter at our house. Elder Holt wrote:
"You know you have an Awesome Companion when he can quote the ENTIRE movie music, sound effects, and all of Bugs Life, Monsters Inc, and I think we are gonna start Lion King next! ;) It makes for quite the exciting proselyting hours!" 
We all chuckled over that one. Glad Kelsi is spreading Pixar joy!
April 7, 2014

Thanks for the Easter package :D I felt sick after so much candy in conference, but I`m glad for the love :) You`ve been picking out really good ties :)

This week, we`ve discovered bushes that are loaded with little pea pods that literally POP to launch their seeds! We walk by hearing the little pops and they have been popping over the period of a few days. It`s pretty cool. They`re black pods with green seeds inside. Could anyone look up what they`re called and where they grow?

(Speaking of silly questions, I got several answers to the ç question, and not one of them was the same ;) , although Maia`s was the funniest (she sent me a Wikipedia article that was clearly written in some language professor’s basement. Didn`t have a clue what it was trying to say.))

Another fun observation of the week. Now that it`s getting dark earlier, and I`m in a city with less light pollution than Puerto Montt, I can see the stars. I noticed that Orion (or is it Orien) is completely upside-down. Weird thinking that it`s not him that`s upside-down, but me on the bottom of the world. The moon is also upside-down :D It waxes and wanes to the right, instead of to the left.

I`ve got 2 minutes now that I`ve got the silly stuff out.

Elder Ballard gave an invitation that every member should study Preach My Gospel. I would like to follow up on that. Study Preach my Gospel! It`s an inspired manual. The Lord will provide opportunities to teach as a member missionary. Don`t be caught unqualified when opportunity taps you on the shoulder. Preach my Gospel will make you more aware about what really is missionary work and how you can help. I`m not speaking to a big group of people collectively. I`m saying this nose to nose to each one of you. Get Preach My Gospel and use it.

I testify of the Savior Jesus Christ :D

Love you all :D

-Elder Connor Christopherson

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