Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 14, 2014
It got really cold again. There`s been snow on the mountains. In May, we`ll be able to start using our firewood. We have to wait so we don`t use it all before winter. Every house of missionaries (as far as I`m aware) has 5 square meters of firewood. We got a good deal for the best quality :D

Good news! Miriam and Eduardo have an official date for their marriage :D :D :D We have the baptismal date and she asked that I do the baptism :D I`ve never baptized anyone before (well, at least not the first part in the water).

CONGRATULATIONS -- Madison Mittleman and Megan Baker for your mission calls and a very special congratulations for Megan Mittleman, who got called to one of the ten best missions in the world (because there are 10 missions in Chile, Osorno being the best ;) You will eat and love empanadas (meat and cheese in folded dough which is deep fried) and sopaipillas (basically deep fried dough) and will gain a lot of weight :D YAY! Oh! I almost forgot cumpletos. They`re like hot dogs, but better because they put mayonnaise, tomato (not ketchup), and munched avocado on it and the bread is better. I don`t know if it`s that way up north as well, but we generally eat lots of meat and rice because there`s a lot of cattle. You will learn a dialect of Spanish called "Castillano." Actually... that`s what they call the Spanish of South America, but "Chilanismo" is its own language all together. There are many modismos (idioms) and they use different words (for example, avocado is palta, banana is plátano, beans are porotos). Chileans also say "po" at the end of sentences, which acts as a sort of period (I don`t use it because it sounds a little rude to me. It`s like telling people that everything that needs to be said has already been said and there need not be anymore said so there). I think you`ll get very familiar with public transportation (unless Santiago is different from Osorno). You have the TEMPLE you lucky dog. There will be many many many many dogs. I`ve heard Santiago is hot and smoggy. Got to love Chile :D
What else....
Um... Ya, I just lost my time to type a long email because a lady in this internet café is not very familiar with computers and needed lots of help. Goodness.... why does Yahoo make it necessary to put a phone number when creating a new account? Not everyone has a cell phone.

So, I really don`t like losing things. I don`t know how it happens. I lost my beanie, my wonderful scarf from Sis. Webber, and a bag full of Elder Holt`s white shirts. Honestly, right when winter is starting. Don`t worry about sending me anything. I`ll just buy some when they get in stock (winter clothes will be in stock in a few weeks).
Love you all very very much! I love seeing how so many people are leaving for missions now :D The work of salvation will bless you more than those you teach and invite.

-Elder Connor Christopherson

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