Sunday, July 6, 2014

Nice job with the skunk, Dad :)

This was a hard week for me. I won`t list more than a few things because the list would go on for a while and I don`t want this email to be a downer. We had a lot of appointments fall through and it`s kinda our fault because we waited too long to call members to accompany us. We had some drama amongst some Elders in our district and had a big inventory. It`s being resolved. I lost my camera :( I hope I find that, because I didn`t make the back-up I`ve been wanting to make this week. There`s drama with an the owner of our old house in Panguipulli and I think it`s going to cost the church a lot of money. I guess this week I`ve just been so stressed because we`ve had a lot of things that I said I`d do that I didn`t do.

The other week I was going to talk about a man I've met. He`s really great. He was once active at church, but he and his brother now have serious drinking and smoking problems. He was already in the process of returning to the gospel as I arrived in ¨Panguipulli. He and his brother live in VERY humble circumstances. The kitchen, bedroom, and living room are all the same room. The only other room is a bathroom. They have no running water (just a little natural stream behind their house) and no electricity in their house. He attended church and attended choir practice and accepted a church calling. We passed by him almost every day, and more than once we found him reading the Book of Mormon or the Liahona by candlelight. He`s just been so happy to return to church. He gave us some of the most humble soup I`ve ever had. The Lord blessed him for his diligence and he got a job a little less than a week ago. He`s been so great. Then, on Saturday, we passed by to find him and his brother pretty bad with an almost empty carton of wine on the table and a few empty packs of cigarettes. We tried passing by again on Sunday and it was worse. I really want this guy to progress and be happy. We`re doing all we can to keep being loving and patient.

Happiness comes from living the gospel. Endure to the end with faith.

Love you all!

-Elder Connor Christopherson