Sunday, April 27, 2014

Miriam and Eduardo's wedding

Tommy baptized someone in Spanish before me? Who would have guessed :P

Well, my first time getting wet (I mean in a baptismal font and not the rain) comes in 2 weeks. Miriam and Eduardo got married. YAY!!! (see photo) The baptism was planned for next weekend, but a district conference has been announced for next week with President Rappleye. We`ll need to wait till 3 de Mayo, which doesn`t concern us much because she´s been coming to church for a long time and that won`t change anytime soon.
There have been big fires in Valparaiso, Chile a week ago and over a thousand houses were burned down. Keep them in your prayers.

To answer grandma`s questions. ":D" is a sideways smiley face. I use it instead of ":)" because to me it looks a lot happier :D :D :D
All members in Chile go to the temple in Santiago, which is a long way from here. I think the members of Coyhaique Alto (my branch) go once a year, and it`s a big deal coordinating it all. It`ll be good when the temple in ConcepciĆ³n is completed. The church released a painting of what it will look like and it`s SO much more nice looking than the temple in Santiago.

I found the scarf Sister Webber gave me. It in the house of a part member family.

I love you all very much! Every day brings challenges. I see my weakness more and more every day and I try to harness that sorrow to make changes. I`m really bad at completing the goals I make, but I just have to keep making them so I start completing at least some of them and with that I can progress. Keep making good choices. Center your lives around Christ.

-Elder Connor Christopherson

PS: Another sheet for the inside of my sleeping bag would be good, but it doesn`t need to be very thick. My sleeping bag already does a great job keeping me warm.

PPS: Ah! Right! Mother`s day is coming fast and I didn`t even realize it. Brother Rives has good internet, so we`ll try to organize a time over there. It will probably be after church for you. Dad, what`s the time difference right now with the changes in daylight savings time?

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