Sunday, February 1, 2015

​Barbara se bautizó. Tiene 10 años y su mama recién se reactivo
Oh! Hey! I just realized I need to be typing in English. Barbara got baptized!
She´s 10 years old and her mom reactivated recently.
So, this week has had strong ups and downs.
We didn´t find many of the people we normally teach and had 0 lessons with member this week :p It´s been kinda slow and the weather´s been really hot.
We did find two new investigators. One is a lot more receptive than the other. One´s mom passed away recently and wants to know about the Plan of Salvation and the Book of Mormon :D. The other´s a Jehovah´s Witness and kinda reminds me of Steve from Panguipulli. He know´s a LOT about the Bible and has a lot of tricky questions. I´m glad I´ve gotten to see people like this from more than one religion. Make´s me understand a lot more what Joseph Smith went through in New York 1820.
Juan Carlos´s wife has glasses now so she can read the Book of Mormon with him every day :D

Juan Carlos´s son leaves to Argentina as a missionary this week.
I found out that we had planned a family home evening with a family a few weeks ago, but we never showed up because I don´t remember ever organizing the family home evening, but my companion says we did, so I felt really terrible yesterday knowing that we completely flopped.
We had a wonderful zone conference where we talked about a plan that comes from the area presidency. The new plan put´s a little less confidence in the members and more work for the missionaries. Basically, the auxillary presidencies all need to come up with lists of names of people who are most likely going to be reactivated, then we work with home teachers and visiting teachers to visit those people and teach about the Atonement. Sounds pretty simple, but I felt the spirit so much as we went over it. I´m very excited to put it in practice.
Instead of Sunday School and 3rd hour quorum, a member of the stake presidency kept all the adults (except those in primary) to show them the same missionary plan that President Obeso showed us in our zone conference :D
We baptized Barbara. :D
Francine (not sure I spelled that right) Bossel, the daughter of the sister who makes us lunch, got her mission call after waiting for it for 3 months. She´s going to the Mormon Batallion Historical Site in San Diego :D She´s already finished college (English teaching major) and has been teaching elementary school English, so language won´t be a problem there. It´s a pretty unique mission call :)
I love you all. I think it´s funny that Maia got trapped in a group of guys playing Slender (It´s true, you pretty much die no matter what, although I think he can´t move as long as you´re looking at him.... but you also die if you look at him too much, so I don´t know. I´ve only played it one time.)

-Elder Connor Christopherson

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