Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wow! I have quite an impressive family! My dad tied for 2nd in a double century (200 miles on bike).

I´ve got SOOOOO much to say!!!! Where do  I even start?!?! I will probably only get to describe  a fraction of what happened!

We have cambios this week. Everyone thought that most of my district, including me, were going to leave this cambio, but everyone stays except Elder Salgado (my companion). He´s going to Punta Arenas in the cold. Apparently, my new companion is really good! Elder Marshal is from the same group as Elder Alder (who I´m living with and who is a REALLY good missionary).

I´m glad I´m staying. I thought for sure I was going to leave, but I wanted to stay. This ward is full of great families, and I feel like I´ve gotten to know the sector really well. I can tell about people on just about every street. It would have been really sad to have that knowlege lost. We´ve done a lot to establish a good member/missionary relation in the ward. 

Mom, could you send me all the photos of my baptisms? I don´t have those in my memory card since I lost my old camera a while back. Could you also send any photo that looks like I´m teaching someone, knocking a door, or talking to someone in the street? I need it for something.

Oh! I got the christmas cards :D Everyone looks so different and older (well... the adults look pretty much the same)! Especially the people around Max´s age look completely different than how I imagine them in my head.

Two weeks ago, we went into a big catholic cathedral in Osorno. There´s a member who acompanied us who was studying to be a Catholic priest, but then he found out that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only true church and got baptized :D It was pretty interesting. There are lots of stuff that called my attention. One is that everything is really big and dramatic. They´re very reverent, which is great. I noticed that there was a ton of focus on Christ´s death and suffering. It made me appreciate so much more the knowlege that He lives now. He didn´t just die, but he conquered death. Even in His suffering and death, He was the Son of Man, the Great Jehovah in the flesh, the King of Kings. I know that He lives and that because of the Atonement which was wrought by Him, we can live with our Heavely father forever :D

Gotta go, but I love yáll so much :D
Don´t let me forget to tell you about Oscar next week. He´s an investigator of the Sister missionaries, but his story is so interesting.
Love y´all :D
-Elder Christopherson

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