Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dec 22, 2014
I´ve received a total of 3 packages recently, one with athletic shorts, and 2 with wrapped gifts.

Thanks to Sister Webber and Marrine Rhodes for the letters :D I also got a very personal and unique Christmas card from the first presidency that not one other missionary received ;)

We had a silly contact yesterday. We talked to one guy who was knocking the door of another guy. It turns out he was drunk (I´ve gotten to know that smell pretty well now (my companion tells me that he also smells marijuana in the streets sometimes, but I haven´t learned to recognize that smell still). So we kindly gave this guy a "Él es la Dádiva" card ("He is the Gift," except no one knows what "Dádiva" means. Some translator in Salt Lake thought it was pretty clear, but the rest of the world doesn´t.) So, we gave the drunk guy a card and left. We started talking to another guy doing yard work in front of his house, but before we said much, the drunk guy came behind us and started telling our contact that he needed to accept Christ in his life, that he had a demon inside of him, and that his family would have harmony if he accepted Christ. The man in his yard just laughed and farewelled the drunk guy. It was funny because we were able to contrast ourselves with the drunk guy. We listened to the man, learned about his beliefs and family life. He was really hard at first, but he got really interested when we showed him a pamphlet that shows how one can know with surety the truth. We´re going to pass by again after Christmas.

There are some really nice families in this ward. We´re going to spend Christmas Eve with a really great family (we´re helping him quit smoking and get ready to be baptized before his son leaves to serve a mission in Argentina). On Christmas, there are two families that invited us to visit, so this Christmas will be very good :)

There´s a missionary choir (which we were not invited to participate in) that sang in the big plaza in Osorno. All those that weren´t in the choir contacted people on the street. The next day, we (the zone, not the choir) sang in a flea market, and then the choir sang in a town called Rio Negro and we did more contacts. So we had 198 contacts this week :D That´s a LOT!

Connor is back row, slightly right of center.
We also had a Christmas dinner with President Obeso in the stake center of Osorno. The meat was really burnt, but it was fun :D
See y´all in a few days via skype :D
Love y´all :D
-Elder Christopherson

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