Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ok, lots and lots to say.

My new companion is named Elder Strate. He´s from... aw... what was it called. I think it´s called Mount Pleasant, Utah. It´s just a little north of Manti. I´m in Valdivia today with Elder Gomez so I can´t ask Elder Strate (who´s in Panguipulli).

Oh! Dad asked the other week about my finger. I got a 2nd degree burn when I tried putting firewood in our stove. First time that´s happened to me in the mission. 

I´ve done a lot of traveling this week. From Panguipulli to Valdivia to Osorno to Panguipulli to Lanco to Panguipulli to Valdivia, and I´ll be heading back to Panguipulli in a few minutes. That list above totals about 14.5 hours in buses. It looks like I´ll continue traveling a lot because I now have to travel to Lanco every week for district leader meeting and I´ve got to renew my visa and carnett in Valdivia.

My last companionship was definitely one of those "growing opportunities." I´m glad I had it because I learned a lot, but I don´t want to have a transfer like that again.

We had a cool meeting with President Obeso to capacitate the new trainers. Lots of the new trainers are missionaries from my group (who arrived at the same time to the mission). It gave me a lot more animo and confidence.

Ok, I just got cut time so I´m going to speed.

Maia, when you said secret tunnel in the subject line, I thought you were referring to Nacho Libre. I thought it was out of the ordinary that you´d quote Nacho Libre. "... and diiiiiiiieeeeeeeee"

Tommy, your letter was especially good for me today. You mentioned how one elder said he´ll miss knocking doors at 5 o´clock. I saw several elders end their missions this week and some of them didn´t have the same spirit. It was sad to me and your email helped a lot :)

Mom, you could send my Grandpa´s life story to me and I´d be permitted to read it, and I really want to, but I honestly think  I won´t have much time to read it. If you send it, I´ll probably read it very slowly, like a few pages a month.

I love the work. The mission is killing my pride (it´s painful) but I hope I get to be helpful through it all :) That´s the best part.

I´m sorry I had to rush at the end. So much more I didn´t get to say!

Love you all!

-Elder Christopherson

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