Saturday, August 23, 2014

¡Halo! (That´s what you shout at people´s houses when you want them to come out)

 Beloved family, friends, and people who read my blog without having met me before -- to you I say, "Hola."

So, this week had its ups and downs, like every week. The two other missionaries who were living with us just had a sobrecambio (a tansfer that doesn´t happen during the normal time for transfers). I´ll miss them both, especially Elder Gomez, who´s from El Salvador and who listened to Zelda music like I do (it made my day when I left the shower one morning and recognized "Hidden Village" from Twilight Princess playing on Elder Gomez´s speakers).

We only found out about the sobrecambio on Monday, and they had to leave on Tuesday, so they only had a few hours to walk with us and show us the new part of our sector. Now, all of Panguipulli is ours, which means there are a lot more people to teach. You´d think that would mean we´d teach more, but our numbers have been dreadful this week (except for number of street contacts, in which we got 107, a personal high :D ) We´ve had way more appointments than usual, but most of them fall. We´re planning stuff we´ll do so the appointments don´t fall through.

Someone asked why I´ve been traveling so much. Our mission has a few small cities and several towns and a whole bunch of rural countryside in between. Each town only has about 2-4 missionaries, so most missionaries have to travel to get to their zone meetings or even district meetings. We also have to go to the cities (like Valdivia) to do legal stuff so we don´t get kicked out of Chile. I´m in the process of getting my 2nd visa and my second carnett.

Dad, I noticed that you always include stuff about your bike races in your emails, but I have yet to comment. Sorry! I want you to know I´m proud of you for your diligence, and I´m grateful that my dad has such a healthy hobby. It´s impressive how far you go on bike every week. I´m also grateful that you love to garden, and I apologize that we´re often less than eager to help. I think you´ve had this ideal in your mind of kids who love being athletic like you and who are really eager to help in the garden. It hasn´t been quite that way. I´ll definitely be different when I get back. Most importantly, I´m grateful for all you do in your callings and home teaching assignments.

Mom, thanks for your supportive emails every week. Thanks for working so hard in the ward and for being so diligent in your calling. Thanks for being so observant and for always looking for ways to edify. You always had a lot of trust in me and I´m grateful for that.

Maia, YOU´RE GOING TO COLLEGE AND YOU HAVN´T WRITTEN ANYTHING ABOUT THAT. Well... you´ve written about selecting classes and everything, but now you´re almost there. I don´t know. If it were me, I´d be kinda freaking out. I didn´t seep at all the night before going to BYU. Oh, and you´re a legal adult, so you can´t hit people without going to jail (or something like that). Bwahahahaha! Oh! And you have your patriarchal blessing. Congrats :D Are you from Ephraim (no idea how that´s spelled)? Miss you lots.

Max, when your shadow starts getting bigger and rounder, RUN!!!!! When you hear moaning, you should play the sun song. You also must construct additional pylons. But you already knew that. Don´t do anything you wouldn´t want your parents to know about.

Kelsi, you can´t read or understand, but hey, thanks for being a great sister. Because of you, we have a one-story house with a big family room, so we spent more time together as a family instead of cooped up in our individual rooms upstairs. I´m excited to really get to know you in the next life.

I was going to write about Tommy, too, but I´m all out of time.

Love you all :D

-Elder Connor Christopherson

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