Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wow! I´ve got a big list of things to say this week!

We just climbed a big mountain just north of Coyhaique (someone told me it`s called Meli Mollo.... or maybe it`s spelled Meli Moyo, I`m not so sure). It was gorgeous, and way bigger than I thought from a distance. So fun! The top part is really big and rocky and reminded me of Lord of the Rings. The forests reminded me of Skyrim :D I was surprised to see lots of bamboo on the mountains, even though the climate is almost exactly like the canyons of Utah. Almost all the trees had green fungus on it that looked like pale green witch`s hair. There was also very fresh water coming from the side of the mountain we could drink. Very beautiful, but now I`m exhausted. I didn`t make it to the top because I didn`t want to rock climb (I wasn`t aware that there was another way on the other side that some of the other missionaries took). It was gorgeous! It reminded me of High Adventure.

Transfers are this Wednesday. My companion is leaving and I`ll be assigned a new companion.

Next week we`re going to hear from an apostle! Elder M. Russell Ballard is coming to Puerto Varas along with the most senior member of the presidency of the Seventy (I don`t remember his name, I think it was Elder Rasband), and the Area President of Chile, Peru, and Argentina. They’ll be holding a special conference for all members this Sunday and a special conference for the missionaries of the Chile Osorno Mission! That`s so cool! That`s only about 200 people! We`re going to receive revelation specifically for us to help us better serve the Lord :D All the missionaries will travel to Puerto Varas . . . except those of us in Punta Arenas or Coyhaique :/ So I`ll be watching by transmission. Because of the special conference (which is on Monday), P-day will be moved to Tuesday, so don`t stress out when I don`t send an email until then ;)

Ah, a question I had. How many missionaries are there from the Las Flores Ward and when will the next one return? I counted 13 and I think Austin gets home soon, but I wanted to be sure.

Maia, that made my smile so much when I heard you got Pokemon Emerald :) I ended up talking about Pokemon with an investigator and 2 different members this week (they brought it up, not me. Funny how that works.). I`m still nerdy as ever ;D That`s not going to change.

Yes, Dad, I received the photos.

Thanks for all the support from everyone :D I received an enormous count of 5 letters on Saturday: 2 from Sister Webber (Navidad and cumpleaños), one from Grandma (cumpleaños), LaRee (Navidad), and Chrissy Grover. Love you all :D

Christ is our Savior. Our Heavenly Father loves us and has given us a perfect plan. Joseph Smith was a prophet called to restore His church. Sounds good to me :D It`s all true. I know it. You can know it too! Ask the missionaries! They can help you (a little Russell M. Nelson reference). Read the Book of Mormon, and when you study it, pray about it, and learn that it`s true, get baptized by someone with priesthood authority, okay? Sounds good!

Love you all!!!!
Elder Connor Christopherson

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