Friday, November 22, 2013

 You might appreciate these--my new shoes next to my old shoes.
I started wearing the new shoes a week ago, and it's quite different.
Hey everyone!

Thanks for the emails, everyone! :) Wow, I heard about the storm in the Philippines. I hope they get help quickly.

Mom, I lost my hat on one of my first days here, so that might be a good gift idea. I also lost my gloves. I feel bad I keep losing things! We take them off and put them back on so much in the winter. Also, my first pair of shoes are almost dead. My left shoe has a hole in the bottom and water gets in when it rains. I lost one of the two sleeping bag sheets you sent me with (I´m not really sure how) and the second one is starting to tear. Is the sleeping bag washable? I won´t have the sheet while it´s getting cleaned but I don´t want to get the sleeping bag dirty if I can´t clean it. Oh, and the chimney by my bed burned a hole in the sleeping bag just last week so some of the cotton stuff is coming out. I think I´ll fix that with tape later today.

We work a lot with less active members in Chile. President Rappleye told me that 1 in 33 Chileans are members, but very few of them are active in church. Last Sunday, we went on splits to walk with 2 less active families to church. The ones I walked with were a couple. The husband used to be bishop in the 1970´s and this was the first time they´ve attended in several months. It´s super frustrating because less active members will attend for a few weeks when we focus on them, but then they stop coming again. The less active member that my companion was with bought bread at the store while they were together, even though my companion told him he shouldn´t shop on the Sabbath.

My companion reminds me of Maia. The two of them both try to answer questions the easiest way possible and they both like to stick to what they’re comfortable with. We had an activity and the ward mission leader assigned my companion to be in charge of games. He really didn´t like that. He loves to cook and he´s comfortable cooking and he wanted to cook. Just something to give you a better idea of my companion :)

I don´t have as much time today, but may I recommend reading Mosiah 2 in the Book of Mormon? It´s an awesome chapter!
Un abrazo,
Elder Christopherson

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  1. Great Blog! My friend bought a cheap ticket on and suggested I do the same so we can both enjoy what this beautiful place has to offer :)