Friday, August 9, 2013


Puerto Montt, Chile

Ok, first, to answer my mom´s question. President Rappleye provided all the new missionaries with rain coats and rain pants, so I´ve been using that so I can preserve the nice one you bought me for when this coat breaks (it´s starting to break a little already), so I haven´t used the coat you bought me yet. The waterproof backpack works great! Everyone comments about how gigantic it is. Oh, and the umbrella you bought me broke. :D It wasn´t very strong. I don´t recommend it for other missionaries. My companion has a really nice umbrella that can withstand more that he bought in Puerto Montt. I´ll probably buy one like it.

I attached 2 pictures, both of which were taken on my first week. One is of the baptism of Inez and Juan, the other is a picture of Puerto Montt from the window. 

The people here are so generous. We were knocking on the door of an inactive member at about 8:00pm. We were not expected, but he and his wife immediately invited us in their house and laid out a table and prepared a plethora of food just for us. I was stunned by how they dropped whatever they were doing before to prepare us the meal when we didn´t ask for anything. It was so nice of them. All we really did was share a scripture and bear testimony, but they came to church the next day and participated a lot in classes.

If there´s one thing I´ve learned on my mission, it´s that the Lord always gives more to you than you can give to him. You can give yourself entirely to the Lord, give him everything you have, and he blesses you in more ways than you could have ever expected. I´m always provided with what I need. I can´t do much. I don´t have much experience as a missionary and I still can´t understand what anyone says, but I keep working my hardest to learn and grow, so I can be a blessing to others.

I love you so much! I miss all my friends and family. I still haven´t received any letters in Chile. I know you´re sending letters, but I just haven´t received any. It will probably be better if you email me instead of writing me, and I can print the emails (and if you´re not a member of my immediate family please include your mailing address so I can reply).

I love you!
Elder Connor Christopherson

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