Monday, July 22, 2013

Hola everyone!
WOW! I´ve been looking forward to emailing all week! There is no way I could even begin to describe the many many many experiences I´ve had in just a few days!

First, an item of business. The rules for emailing in this mission are very strict because it´s expensive to use the computers, so I´ll probably write letters in addition to these emails so I can fit in a few more stories (there isn´t much time for emailing). Also, I am not allowed to send emails to anyone except family. (Mom: you can keep updating the blog, I just can´t send individual emails to others.) I still want to talk with everyone, so please please write letters and I can respond to them :) I hear it takes 2 weeks. My mission address is:
Elder Connor Christopherson
Casilla 7- 0
Region X
Osorno, Chile
Note from Mom: Or the easiest way -- use, Chile Osorno Mission. Use "pouch" delivery, not email delivery.

Ok, only 2 more minutes. I wrote a letter but don´t remember if I sent it and I can´t find it, so I might repeat myself. I´m in Puerto Montt – specifically in the east part of Puerto Montt. My companion is great and the ward here is fantastic! I love love love love talking with other members and missionaries that are native speakers. We´ve also had a baptism on Saturday. Way cool.

It’s very very cold here! I love you very much! I will write more

Elder Connor Christopherson

Note from Mom: He didn't send any photos, so here are some online photos of Puerto Montt. Most of the land south of there is just rugged national parks.



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