Saturday, May 16, 2015

Connor will be home in a few days -- May 22!

Subway just opened like 2 weeks ago right here in Osorno :D Everything was the same as in the states! It even smelled the same :D This photo was taken last week. This week, my companion and I went again. We noticed that almost all of the missionaries that ate at subway were gringos. I guess Subway´s not that great to a latino.

​That speck on the bottom left corner is Volcán Osorno to put it in scale. The people here say that it´ll keep errupting for several months. The photo doesn't do the sight justice. It was a lot prettier in person and the plume of smoke had sharper contrast and shadows.

May 11, 2015

So, I don´t have a ton of time, because I wrote a long email to President Obeso. Lots of questions about exact obedience (not really doubts, but questions. One of the Liahonas this year explains the difference). Actually. I received a very interesting email today from Elder Lawton´s mom. It´s kinda surprising to see that they´ve been reading my blog and continue reading it xD. She noticed that I have lots of questions about exact obedience and sent me a talk about perfectionism. I haven´t had the chance to read it yet, but I feel really loved just by seeing that someone wanted to help. I´ll read it tommorow in my personal study.

Our Mother's Day Skype was great. I was pretty tired during the call. It was that way with the last Skype call too. I think my brain clogs up trying to decide what to say. But I wasn´t emotional or anything, because I know I´ll see y´all in a week and a half, but it was nice to see everyone :D I´m glad the image and sound quality was good. Elder García got a very grainy video quality from his family, but he was really happy and encouraged by having spoken with his family.

A lot of the people we teach are going to move to other wards or have already moved to other wards. We need to find people to teach. We have several future investigators. There´s always a solid pool of futures, then one by one they fall and become unreceptive. Missionary work is like sifting through sand, searching for treasure. A whole lot of sand has to fall through to get to the good stuff.

Read from the Book of Mormon every day. It´s worth it :D

Love y´all :D

-Elder Christopherson

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