Monday, November 10, 2014

November 3, 2014

Lots of technical difficulties this week, so I'll probably only be able to give bare bones today.

Business first.
1. The package with the flip flops DID arrive. Muchas gracias :D

2. Could you include Marinne Rhodes in the emailing list? (and the Mittleman twins as well and Hayden Blanchard when he leaves) Hope I didn´t forget anyone.

3. This came in an announcement this week: “Missionaries should submit Social Security numbers on the Missionary Portal. If missionaries do not have their number or have forgotten it, parents may call Missionary Medical at 1-800-777-1647 or 1-801-578-5650 Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Mountain Standard Time to report the Social Security number by telephone”. Could y´all do that por favor?

4. You asked what to put in the Christmas package. There´s already candy in Chile that is much cheaper than candy that´s been sent in a pricy package. Don´t worry about the candy. If there´s anything I need, it´s the pair of jeans I asked for and new pair of shoes (just in case the ones I have don´t make it till the end).
5. MAX!!! HOLY MOLY YOU LOOK DIFFERENT! It´s like he was put in the taffy stretching machine in Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

Someone asked about Halloween. They DO celebrate Halloween in Chile. Well... sort of. It´s a rather controversial topic. Some are really for it and some are really against it. There are a lot of protostant churches here that are very opposed to it, because it´s a pagan holiday that originated from people going door to door threatening people to sacrifice stuff to a false god. Apparently it´s the most important day on the Satanic calendar. It´s also sort of an imported holiday. It´s seen as a gringo holiday being injected into Chilean culture. It´s only started becoming popular in Chile for in the last few years. Few houses were decorated, but there were a few in the newer communities. There were also a lot more trick-or-treaters in the newer communities and very few in the older ones.
Wow... there went my time. Love you all :D I actually took a few pictures, so I´ll have those sent next week.
I love you all :D :D :D
-Elder Connor Christopherson

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