Sunday, September 7, 2014


So. Where to begin.

We took an interesting survey this week about our understandings of Preach my Gospel and our ability to apply it. It made me realize how important every chapter of PMG is so important. We can´t slack on a single one (unless you´re a native English speaker in an English speaking mission... then Chapter 7 doesn´t really apply). I was reminded that I need to work harder to do Chapter 8 well (how to use time wisely). Chapter 8 has been the most difficult for me the whole mission. It´s the one that teaches how to plan and use the area book and the planner correctly and goal setting. I think it´s the hardest for me because it´s rather rigid; you´ve got to draw the yellow flower with a green leaf and that´s the way it´s done (if anyone´s familiar with that story).*
My goal for September is to internalize and master Chapter 8. (Chapters 2 and 13 are a little tougher for me as well, in case anyone wanted to know. I basically struggle with anything that´s based in paperwork).

Have I mentioned the birds here? There´s some species of bird that is EVERYWHERE. They hang out in the trees, so you don´t see them a ton, but they are very obnoxious. They make a loud, repetitive CAW sound that is heard 24-7.

Maia, sorry about the muffin**. I only read up to the book where they went to Greece and had to go in the big tower full of witches, so I don´t know who the Slither guy is. 

Max, that synth stuff sounds a little rough. The good thing is that you can practice piano type stuff in the house. Well.... I played a frustrating instrument my first year too: a vibraphone that was broken and made an ugly DONK. Do what edifies and not what tears down when making decisions in marching band. Have a good attitude and make it work.

What the heck... it just got center justified. Okay.

Oh! I lost my wallet again. We spent a whole morning searching for it. The caribineros told us to go to the colectivo station, which led us to a 2nd colectivo station on the other side of Pangi, which led us to an obscure address of a person who called the collectivo driver and said he didn´t find anything). Thankfully, later on in the day a young girl came to our house with the wallet. Her school teacher found it on the ground and knew that she was a member of the church, even though her family is less active and I´d never met her before. I was surprised that she knew where we lived (considering that she lives on the other side of Pangi). Yup. That´s my story. The Lord provides a way so that we have the things we need. :D

Love you all :D
-Elder Connor Christopherson

* Connor’s talking about a story I used to tell him about creativity, how it shouldn’t be stifled. Creative people don’t like being told exactly how to do something, they’re rather . . . well, be creative.
** Maia read a book that she was expecting to be really good, like a cupcake, but it was only a muffin. The muffin is still good, but it’s not a cupcake.

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