Sunday, June 15, 2014

You've got to be careful with forks.
Oh, goodness. I didn`t shave that morning.
During lunch, I tried to dramatically slam my face on the table to show frustration, but my hand hit the fork, which turned on it´s fulcrum and the long end pointed right at my eye. I`m glad I was wearing glasses or I think I would have really lost an eye. When everyone told me it was bleeding, the obvious first thing to do was leave the mamita`s house to get my camera and take pictures. The long end of the fork wasn`t sharp, so I think the bleeding was just the pressure if the metal pressing against my skull that caused the bleeding. It`s not one puncture, it`s kinda several tears that line up with the fold marks. Just something to make my mom feel like I`m safe and secure in Chile :D Love you and hope this made you laugh :D

So, there`s a family in our ward, the Cortez family, who were the first people baptized in Puerto Varas. Every one of them is really strong in the church. One of them owns a frutaría (a place where they sell fruit). He`s basically consecrated to the church and has such a happy family. We showed the agenda missional to them and they loved it and at the end of the lesson, they all put their hands together and said "Uno, dos, tres, EXITO!!!" Which means "One, two, three, SUCCESS!!!" they put all their hands up at the end. They`re such a united happy family! Shows what happens when you live the gospel correctly.

This same hermano always gives us free food. I feel like I`m stealing, but he always wants us to go in and take what we want. That`s where we do half of our grocery shopping.

The other week, we grabbed a carton of thirty eggs. We still had about two hours before we needed to get back to the house, so I put them in my backpack (because it`s huge and always has extra space :) We almost got back to the house late because we had an awesome lesson with Jesús and María José, but in my rush I cracked a few eggs. When we opened my backpack, we found lots of egg inside and I had to throw away some of my now destroyed books. Thankfully, my book covers for my scriptures protected the most important stuff. In total, seven eggs broke in my backpack. We ended up cleaning my backpack by filling it with water and swishing it around several times. It`s kinda cool filling up a backpack without it getting wet on the outside (because it’s waterproof). After we had it dry off by the fireplace.

Thanks for the hump day package :D We ate several of the Reeses in our last district meeting. I`ve got to ask President Rappleye permission to read the book, but I`m pretty sure that will work fine.

When I saw the gloves you sent, I thought, "Wow, these won’t help me at all! Don`t my parents know that it`s wet here and that I can`t use these absorbent gloves, even if they look very warm? I`m grateful that my parents love me so much and send me stuff, but this won`t help me." The other missionaries commented similarly and we laughed. It took 2 days for me to notice the little tag that said waterproof. I didn`t really believe it, so I took it to the sink. I was so amazed that I could let lots of water run on the glove and it didn`t get wet inside! It took a while to dry the outsides off after, but my hands will stay dry inside. Thanks a bunch, Mom :) Sorry I doubted ;)

You asked about Elder Dennis. He`s from Manti. He`s very smart and way into all sorts of science and technology. He`s never complains and is always finding ways to serve (he makes me grilled cheese sandwiches :) We get along well. I`d be such a disaster if I didn`t have an organized companion like Elder Dennis in my first transfer as a district leader. We`ve established that within 10 years iPhones and iPads will be replaced by glasses that produce a 3d image to work with.

I love the work. I love being a missionary.

Oh! One more thing. I asked the other week about preach my gospel. I said specifically to everyone: “I want to hear about what you’re learning in Preach My Gospel and how you have applied it. :D” No one`s answered my request :/ Someone told me that they were indeed reading Preach my Gospel, but that`s not what I asked. 1) What are you learning? 2) How are you applying what you are learning? Pray that the Spirit guides you and pray to know who you can invite. "The field is white, all ready to harvest."

I love you all so much :D Thanks for the many emails :D

-Elder Connor Christopherson

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