Monday, May 26, 2014

Lots of cool photo from you guys today :D Tommy with snakes and sacred groves, my mom and aunts with space shuttles and people killed in toxic volcano gas (Pompeii).

Happy Birthday, Dad :D :D :D :D

To everyone: I want to hear about what you`re learning in Preach My Gospel and how you have applied it :D

I love love love working in Puerto Varas. It`s lovely here and we`ve got a good view of Volcán Osorno when it`s not raining.

Hmm... What happened this week? We had our first Viernes Divertido (Fun Friday) activity. I don`t think it would have worked if it weren`t for the Relief Society President inviting her extended family and neighbors. It was basically them who attended. There were also a few young men that made it much more fun. Now the members of the ward are much more aware of the activity and are more excited about it, so I think we`ll have much more attendance next time.

Our bishop is really good! He tries to have a short meeting with us after church every Sunday to coordinate. He understands the role of the members and he understands our role. He told us that we shouldn`t worry about the activity and that the ward mission leader needs to handle it and delegate to the other organizations. He said we should just show up and everything should already be ready.

The bishop also wants us to focus a lot in the Missionary Agenda program, where we follow up with all the members to help them with their missionary duties. Elder Perry was absolutely right when he said that times have changed and that people don`t just let strangers in their door now (at least not here or in the USA. Hermana Lopez served in Venezuela before all the missionaries had to leave and she said the people were so nice and just let you in their door and asked when the missionaries could visit again. Even the disobedient missionaries in Venezuela were baptizing a ton because the members were doing their part.) This work depends on good coordination between members and missionaries.

Of course, Elder Dennis and I have also been doing our part to find people as well. There`s one crazy guy who we`ve run into a few times. He says that we talk with his twin thinking it`s him and that he drinks, but his twin doesn`t. He gave Elder Dennis one of the creepiest hugs I`ve ever seen and I was worried he was going to kiss Elder Dennis, but thankfully he didn`t.

Elder Dennis actually got lots of hugs yesterday, because there was also a drunk guy who came to talk to us, to "have more faith in God." I was going to just teach a one minute version of the Restoration, but he kept interrupting us. We were going to leave but something stopped us. The drunk guy was with a friend, who we noticed wasn`t drunk. He actually got very interested in what we were teaching and I taught him for a good 40 minutes while Elder Dennis was distracting the drunk guy. I saw out of the corner of my eye that Elder Dennis received many hugs. The man who wasn`t drunk asked if we could come and give a blessing to his sick niece, and we got a phone number. Hopefully we`ll find them today in the afternoon.

There are many drunk guys in the streets, especially at night. You can tell if they`ve been drinking a lot when the whites of their eyes are yellow. Kinda nasty.

The sisters in the other ward had a baptism the other day. It was really good and her family came, even though they haven`t really supported her in her decision. Hopefully they start to get what Veronica´s actually doing and start to listen to the missionaries. I`ll get to do the confirmation next Sunday.

Salvation only comes through Christ. We ought to follow the teachings he`s sent through prophets, scriptures, and the Holy Ghost. It`s a good thing to do. What more can I say?

Love you all,

Elder Connor Christopherson

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