Saturday, June 22, 2013

Connor with his companion at the MTC

The weeks are starting to go fast and blur together. We began teaching new investigators (teachers acting as investigators, but you need to treat them like their real both in and out of the lessons, because even though they are acting, the revelations of the Holy Spirit that can be felt in these lessons is real and can really impact them. Many people act as people they know when taking the part of the investigator and it can help them to know what to say to their friends. The purpose of a missionary is to invite "others" to come unto Christ, which includes EVERYONE!
Ok... what now. I got the socks in the mail. Thanks :D I also got a dozen Cocoa Bean cupcakes from Sister Webber. Thanks for that :) The district loved them!
Tomorrow, the prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and several of the apostles will be coming to Provo for a worldwide broadcast on missionary work. It's going to be at the Marriott Center and I'm singing in the choir. The choir consists of about 2/3rds of the MTC (regardless of singing ability) and a thousand members from around Provo (they had to audition). It's funny, because President Monson will literally be preaching to the choir. :P I wonder if you at home know about the broadcast or were going to watch it. I don't know who it's aimed at except that it's a worldwide broadcast. I'm super excited. :D Another reason that President Monson will be here is because all the new mission presidents are arriving. Several sections of the MTC have been blocked off because the mission presidents will be having training meetings. The guys in my district who are going to Cuzco, Peru actually get to meet with their mission president later today.
I know it's week 3 and I haven't uploaded any pictures yet. I'm sorry about that … but I left my camera in my room, so sorry to leave you hanging! I might get a chance to get some photos uploaded later today, but that depends how long it takes to do laundry.
We had an interesting devotional on Sunday in that it was broadcasted from West Campus (the temporary MTC in Wyview and Raintree). The whole thing was basically us watching old Mormon Messages from the 70's and 80's. The speaker really made the cameramen and media people work hard because he kept asking people to stand if they were going to certain missions or if they liked the MTC food or random stuff like that, and the camera people had to constantly change cameras. It was rather funny.
I don't know what else to say... I love getting letters :) Some hermanas in the district get about 3 letters a day while some elders have only gotten 1 or 2 letters the whole time they've been here.
Oh, hey! This computer has a timer on it. It says 2 minutes left..... The other computer didn't do that.
There's an hermana in our district who's been having medical problems and feels constant pain in her stomach area. What's cool is that, although she felt constant pain, she always had a smile on her face. She didn't use the pain as an excuse to not work hard. The elders in the district got to give her a blessing and it was a super cool spiritual experience. She had a procedure done in a hospital and I think they've figured out how to treat it.
To tell me if there's anything specific you want me to talk about. There's so much to talk about that I can't do it all justice, so ask what you really want to hear about.
I love you all. :D
Elder Connor Christopherson

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